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Landscaping Parkhurst

July 27, 2016

Garden Landscaping in Parkhurst – Keep Up with the Appeal of the Neighbourhood!


In the small, yet buzzing area of Parkhurst in Gauteng, you will see many homes featuring gorgeous garden spaces. If your home’s garden isn’t living up to the standards of other properties around you, and you’re looking for a way to spruce things up and keep your garden in a great condition, you might want to chat to our landscaping professionals. Landscaping in Parkhurst seems to be happening at every turn – don’t let your garden be left behind.

There’s no doubt that you are aware of Parkhurst’s upmarket appeal. After all, it’s jam-packed with couture stores, interior design businesses, corporate complexes and, of course, the trendiest residential spaces you can think of. Your home is undoubtedly your pride and joy, and provides the perfect place for your family to socialise, relax and unwind. With this in mind, your garden needs to be designed and landscaped to suit the surrounding area, cater to your preferences and also provide the ultimate functionality to you and your family.

What is the point of a beautiful garden space if it is never used? At EarthLinks Landscaping, our aim is to create an outside space that you and your family will love to spend time in. Whether we are creating a gorgeously lush lawn for you to walk barefoot on, or are setting up a tranquil herb garden and water feature zone, you can expect our best attention to detail at all times. You will find that our team is highly creative. This, coupled with the right skills and expertise, makes it possible for us to create the type of garden space that’s almost unimaginable.

Out team at EarthLinks Landscaping has created a myriad of spaces designed to cater to children and pets too. Why not spoil the kids to a garden that features a secret garden or fun maze? Why not create a labyrinth for everyone to enjoy? You could also spend some time incorporating a trendy barbecue area or installing a water feature or pond that provides interest and the element of relaxation. There’s just so much that you can do with your garden space and we are excited about the prospect of working on such a project for you!

If you’re thinking about landscaping your Parkhurst property’s garden, we strongly urge you to invite us over for a property inspection. Chat to us about your garden aspirations and let us know precisely what you want from your new garden space. We will make viable suggestions, from the types of plants to use, to the laying of pathways and stones, to the final finishing touches in lighting or an irrigation system. You can trust us to think of it all!

At EarthLinks Landscaping, we believe in customer service and paying the greatest attention to detail on every single project. We can create an outside garden or entertainment area that “wows” your family, friends and neighbours, and quickly becomes your favourite space too. For more information on our services for landscaping in Parkhurst, contact us via email or telephone today.