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Landscaping to Transform Your Garden

December 17, 2015

3 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Garden

Looking to make a total garden transformation on a tight budget? A space that can set the tone of a home, increase the value of a property by up to 20%, and provide a useful and functional area that the entire family can enjoy together – a well-designed garden can transform the dullest of properties into things of beauty. But if you’ve never tackled landscaping before, then it’s super easy to be overwhelmed by all the incredible choices out there. And while landscaping ideas may be endless, not all are budget friendly! If you’re just getting started on your big outside task, then here’s 3 budget-friendly landscaping ideas guaranteed to transform your garden in no time.

#1 Create a Focal Point with a Water Feature or Birdbath

A feature that should be considered before starting any garden project, focal points can add purpose to any home. While bench swings, pergolas and statues create amazing focal points, water features and birdbaths are some of the hottest trends in landscape design right now, and are also quite affordable. Stylish and beautiful, water features and birdbaths can be found in a variety of types, shapes, designs and prices. Economical and low maintenance, not only do they look beautiful, but they can also add significant value and appeal to your garden design.

#2 Swop your Lawn for a Stylish Zen Rock Garden with Aloes and Succulents

One of the greatest mistakes that a homeowner can make is just filling their garden with green lawn. While green grass can look pretty and polished, it is extremely high maintenance and can quickly become a nightmare to keep green. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly garden design that is functional, productive and maintenance-free, then you should consider a Zen rock garden with drought-resistant plants, complemented with a table and some chairs.

#3 Install a Vegetable and Herb Garden, and Reap the Many Rewards

Easy and budget friendly, a vegetable and herb garden is one of the best ways in which to transform any garden into something productive and aesthetically appealing. With summer at our doorstep, this is the best time to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. A cost-effective investment that will have you eating healthily from summer right through to winter – now is the time when you can grow just about anything.

There you have it – some easy ideas guaranteed to transform your garden, the budget-friendly way!.