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Landscaping vs. Gardening

March 12, 2015

Landscaping vs. Gardening: Subtle Differences and Overlapping Disciplines

Whether you are gardening or landscaping, both involve the improvement of the garden and the creation of an aesthetically appealing environment. In both instances, you work with the plants and soil and make changes to the work space. Upon first glance there isn’t a big difference between the two, but subtle differences do exist which are covered below.



The English word “landscape” was borrowed from a Dutch word that sounded similar and described scenery in the environment. Today, the word is used for the description of garden scenery or any scenery on the land. When it refers to the garden it includes the visualisation of a space in the garden area. As such, landscaping involves the concept creation, design, and layout of a garden space. It can include elements such as water features, culinary spaces, trees, irrigation, shade and walkways.

The professional landscape architect must study towards a qualification relating specifically to landscaping and must meet the entire exam, academic and practical requirements in order to obtain the qualification. Landscape architects often belong to professional bodies and more often than not, work closely with architects and developers in order to create a coherent outdoor or indoor living space.



As with the landscaping of a specific area, gardening frequently involves planning, design and implementation of concepts, but gardening is focussed on the planting, cultivation and harvesting of the plants. The landscaper has the role of architect and the gardener that of builder. Though the two can work closely, the one is focussed on the visualisation and layout while the other is focussed on implementation. When it comes to gardening, experience and knowledge go a long way in ensuring the beauty of the particular space.

Garden professionals sometimes have qualifications in botany, gardening principles or horticulture. They have an in-depth understanding of the plants and soil that make up a garden. Together the landscape architect or the designer and the gardener can create miraculously beautiful spaces. Garden professionals may take on the role of contractor to plant and maintain the garden as envisioned by the landscape professional.

As can be seen from the above, there’s a lot of overlapping in the fields, but in essence, you will hire a landscape architect to envision, design and create an outdoor space to meet your requirements. The garden professional will help with the planting and maintaining of the space. In some instances, the landscaper will do both and this is where lines once again, become blurry.



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