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Landscaping Waterfall

June 17, 2016

The Top 2 Best Landscaping Ideas for Your Business Property in Waterfall


Is your commercial or corporate property in Waterfall looking bland and tasteless? Struggling to compete with the Mall of Africa that just opened its doors last month? A true lifestyle and blue-chip business destination between the metropolis of Johannesburg and Pretoria, Waterfall is being hailed by many as the latest growth node of Gauteng. Boasting the largest mall in Africa, trendy restaurants, designer high-street retailers, luxury gyms, green buildings and luscious green parks – Waterfall is poised to be the new CBD of Gauteng and is one suburb that is gaining a lot of traffic these days. If you’re lucky enough to have a business in Waterfall, then it’s of vital importance that you keep a competitive edge, and one sure-fire way to get this right is through your landscaping.

In the world of business and retail, every successful entrepreneur understands that first impressions count, and one way to attract and impress both clients and customers is to make your corporate or commercial outdoor space look green, clean, stylish, sophisticated and expensive. Short of ideas? Here are our top 3 commercial landscaping design ideas that will not only allow you to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your premises, but also make a positive and lasting first impression on customers and clients.

#1 Create a First-Class Red Carpet Entrance

Every business consists of walk-in traffic, and while one of the key purposes of corporate and commercial landscaping is to both make the entrance noticeable and make your clients and customers feel welcome – why not take your entrance to the next level and give your customers the red carpet treatment. Some excellent ideas would be to install a beautifully designed stone or concrete walkway or path, add a welcoming bench to the entrance, or plant your favourite ornamentals in large terracotta or stone containers that are painted in your business colours.

#2 Swap Your Lawn for a Zen Rock Garden with Succulents

A large grand corporate garden with a pristine rolling polished lawn can look absolutely stunning, but it is not without its drawbacks. From being pricey to install, to being pricey to maintain – unless you’re turning your landscape into a mini-golf course, a lawn can quickly become a nightmare to keep green and polished. Why not do something stylish and install a Zen rock garden with a koi pond, complemented with aloes and succulents.

Creating and maintaining any corporate or commercial outdoor space simply won’t be possible without the help of a professional landscaping company. If you want to give your business in Waterfall the competitive edge, get in touch with EarthLinks Landscaping. Working closely with corporates, retailers, architects, developers and government organisations, we offer a consultancy and landscape implementation service for both small- and large-scale corporate and commercial landscaping projects, including shopping centres, office blocks, factories, restaurants, hospitals and so much more.

Boasting an exceptional portfolio and a skilled team that can assist you with the design, execution and ongoing maintenance of your landscape – chat to us today.