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Landscaping with Rocks

October 25, 2016

Landscaping with Rocks – An Important Part of Landscape Design


Looking to put your backyard on the map by transforming it into a beautiful and relaxing oasis, or are you just looking to give your outdoor space an earthy feel? Interestingly, when people think “landscaping” they immediately visualise flowers, perennials, trees, and rolling strips of green polished lawn. But landscaping isn’t just about seeds, soil, roses, compost, forks, and wheelbarrows, it’s also about benches, fire pits, patios, walkways, and strategically placed rocks.

A Sustainable Landscaping Alternative

landscaping with rocksAs some of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover, organic and natural materials such as rocks, stones, and pebbles should be on anyone’s list of materials when creating or revamping their outdoor space. With maintenance-intensive spaces slowly losing their appeal due to limited resources, the 1970s go-to material of landscapers has gone mainstream once again, and this time it looks like it’s here to stay. Decorative stone has become the new green. A sustainable landscaping alternative that adds texture and contrast, many homeowners and businesses are replacing their green lawn with more productive and functional areas, complemented by drought-resistant aloes and succulents. It looks gorgeous, modern, and very inviting.

Putting aside unpredictable weather patterns along with 21st-century lifestyles, one cannot deny that there is something very uplifting and soothing about landscaping with rocks. If you haven’t noticed, your landscape is prime “real estate”. So much more than just a strip of green rolling lawn, your outdoor space should be your therapy after work, your hobby on weekends, and your place of entertainment on hot summer days and sweaty evenings – and this is why you should create something that is inspirational, productive, and maintenance-free. Fortunately, nothing says and does it better than landscaping with rocks. Widely used across South Africa in a number of unique and beneficial ways, we provide some great ideas to get you going:

Whether you’re looking to transform your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary, create an entertainment zone that the entire family can enjoy, increase the value of your property, or add value to your business brand, transform your landscape with EarthLinks Landscaping. Conceptualising, planning, designing, creating, building, revamping, and maintaining landscapes since 2001, we are an eco-friendly landscaping company proud to provide professional and affordable services throughout the entire Johannesburg region. To learn more about landscaping with rocks, chat to us today.