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Professional Landscaping

March 12, 2015

The Importance of Professional Landscaping for Urban Living Today

Top real estate agents warn that homeowners should never underestimate the importance of landscaping for adding value to their properties and thus contributing towards a higher market price. Indeed, it’s estimated that a house can be sold for up to 20% more than normal if it features a professionally landscaped garden. About 10% of the total investment into a home renovation project should be for designing and creating an eye-catching garden.


A professional landscaper considers several aspects in the design of a garden including:


There are thus definite benefits for making use of a professional landscaper to ensure that your garden will not only attract attention for its beauty, but will also be low in maintenance, well-suited for the particular climate region, and a safe place to spend time  with your children and animals.

With a professional landscaped garden, you can attract birds and thus not only create a paradise of colours pleasing to the eye, but also a garden that provides a habitat for our feathered friends. With green living now more than a passing trend, but almost compulsory to ensure the future wellbeing of humans and animals, it is essential to plan your garden to ensure an environmentally friendly habitat for all.

Through the practice of design and landscaping you can at the end of the day not only profit from a higher value on your home, but also regarding cost savings in terms of maintenance and watering. The initial investment in the garden design can as a result pay-off for years to come.