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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Company

June 8, 2016

Get Your Property Market-Ready with a Residential and Commercial Landscaping Company

Looking to increase the value of your property without having to invest a fortune? A part of your home or business that speaks volumes about your values and lifestyle, your outdoor space is an influential piece of property that can easily increase the value of your property by up to 20%.

“When people ask how they can get strong interest in their property, we always tell them to fix up their landscaping.” National Association of Realtors

A space that can increase the value of a property, as well as accelerate the buying process by as much as six weeks – this is one space you really want to get right before you put your property on the market. But where does one start? As the leading residential and commercial landscaping company in Johannesburg, we’ve got 3 tips guaranteed to add at least 20% onto your asking price.

#1 Swop Your Lawn for a Zen Rock Garden with Succulents

Unless you’ve turned your outdoor space into a mini golf course, lawn serves very little purpose. While grass can look pretty and polished, it is extremely high maintenance and can quickly become a nightmare to keep green, healthy and polished. A great way to add value and style is to remove your lawn and install a Zen rock garden with aloes and succulents, complemented with a table and some chairs.

#2 Install an Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Area

Did you know that by installing an entertainment area, you can further raise property value by another 12.4%? It’s no secret that South Africans love to entertain and if you’re looking to for a way to sweeten the deal, then forget your interior and focus on an outside entertainment area fitted with a braai area, gazebo and swimming pool.

#3 Increase Value with Fruit Trees

Necessary for us to survive, trees do so much more than house birds and sway in the wind. considered as one of the greatest investments a property owner can make – from providing shade in summer to heat in winter, sucking up excess water that runs off a property, reducing carbon dioxide, and preventing soil erosion to protecting against pollutants from entering waterways – trees not only cool a home in summer and warm a home in winter, but they also attract birds, provide fruits and nuts, and improve air quality.

There you have it. Of all improvements to boost property value, landscaping is one that will definitely give you the largest return on your investment. For more tips and ideas from a residential and commercial landscaping company at the forefront of landscape design – visit our blog today.