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Small Garden Ideas

March 11, 2015

Small Garden Ideas to Maximise Space Usage

If you live in a townhouse, chances are that you have a small garden and thus limited space. You will want to create the illusion of a spacious, yet, stunningly beautiful garden and we thus share a few small garden ideas to get you started.


Determine the purpose of the garden

It sounds pretty obvious, but when you think about it the purpose will define the lay-out. If you have small children you will want it to be the ideal outdoor play space while if you have a small dog, you will hardly want a garden that can become his digging playground. If you are a young professional you will want a garden where you can entertain and if you are nature lover, you will want to create a little paradise in the middle of the city.

Decide what is most important to you. Also remember that the purpose will partly determine the types of plants that will be used. For pet owners and parents of small children we recommend non-poisonous plants which will also not cause injuries should kids stumble onto the plants.


Avoid Cluttering

Even though you may want to fit as much as possible into the small garden, the best design ideas are the ones the minimise usage of sections and bold furnishings can severely influence the overall perception guests will get when entering the garden. Know that you don’t have a huge piece of land and that you should focus on creating an intimate, yet, uncluttered garden.


Hide the Wall

You can turn attention from the wall to a luxury space by turning the design on a 45 degrees angle. Hide the wall through plants as this will do away with a definite boundary.


Focus Attention

Instead of letting guests focus on the boundaries create eye catching focus points.  A focus point is thus something that will grab attention in the small garden. Some ideas:


Don’t place the focus in the middle of the garden, but rather use the off-centre principle as it will create the illusion of space and give an arty feel to the small garden. Don’t overdo the focus area since the closer you are to it, the bigger it will seem. You can thus have a relatively small focus area and it will still be dramatic enough to grab attention.

Let us help you make the most of small garden ideas through creative lay-outs and consideration for the garden purpose. Give us a call for immediate assistance.