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Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

March 30, 2016

The Top 3 Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Got a small outdoor space that you have no idea what to do with? Did you know that a small garden can be just as beautiful, useful and productive as a larger one? While it may seem like an impossible mission – here are some big ideas guaranteed to turn it into an outdoor sanctuary!

#1 Swap the Lawn for a Functional Space to Entertain

One of the greatest mistakes a homeowner can make is to fill their small garden with lawn. Considered as prime “real estate”, your garden is more than just “empty space”. It is where you entertain, it is your therapy in the evenings and your hobby on the weekends, which is why you should create something that is inspirational, productive, spatial and low maintenance. And there is no better small garden landscaping idea than an outdoor entertainment area. You don’t need a large landscape to build a two level terrace with coloured concrete. Create one area for dinning and hanging out, and two steps down to the left or right, create another for lounging around a fire pit.

#2 Add Drama with Outdoor Lighting

A simple formula that can produce striking results in any garden – did you know that outdoor lighting tops the list as the most popular garden landscaping feature for both large and small garden landscapes? From lighting up a property at night, making a home feel warm and inviting, serving as a security system, protecting against slips and falls, and adding personality to enhancing space – outdoor lighting is a sought-after feature that brings many benefits.

#3 Plant Indigenous Perennials

Small gardens need colour and one of the best ways in which to achieve this is with indigenous perennials. Providing colour, form, light and shade all year round – not only are they better suited to our climate and soil type, enabling them to cope with our harsh summers and cold winters, but indigenous perennials are also pest resistant and low maintenance, making them hardier and a lot easier to care for.

And there you have it – our top 3 small garden landscaping ideas guaranteed to turn your outdoor space into your own little private sanctuary. While there are many benefits to having a beautifully polished and functional outdoor space, it wouldn’t be possible without the expert assistance of EarthLinks Landscaping. An art and science, landscaping is about artistically improving a piece of land by changing its form and by adding structures, features and plants. And that is exactly what we’re experts at.

We Offer Full-Service Landscaping Services throughout Johannesburg

Transforming, creating, building and maintaining landscapes since 2001, we are a Johannesburg-based professional landscaping company that takes great pride in offering full-service landscaping services to businesses, commercial developments, private homes and residential estates throughout the entire Johannesburg region. Recognising that each outdoor space is unique and exceptional, using both your ideas and our own, we work with you to achieve the perfect space, within your constraints.

Whether you’re looking to facelift your small residential back or front garden, or turn your small garden into a little natural oasis off the street – chat to us today.