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Small Garden Revamp

December 12, 2016

Small Garden Revamp Ideas Ideal for Those on a Budget


Do you have a really small front or backyard that you have absolutely no idea what to do with? It may seem like an impossible venture from where you’re standing; however, when it comes to small outdoor spaces, you really don’t need to make huge financial sacrifices for originality and comfort. Yes, even the smallest of gardens can be revamped and turned into outdoor havens without having to spend big. Stuck on ideas? Turn the impossible into the possible with these four small garden revamp ideas ideal for those on a tight budget.

#1 Ditch Your Lawn for an Alfresco Entertainment Area – While grass is always pretty to look at, it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose, especially in areas where water is scarce. If you want to utilise your garden well without having to fork out a lot, ditch your lawn and replace it with an alfresco entertainment area complete with a fire area and some lighting that will give the illusion of additional space.

#2 Cut Back Your Trees and Edge Your Flowerbeds – When it comes to small outdoor spaces, every inch counts which is why you need to think of ways to make it look bigger. While trees, hedges, and flowerbeds offer shade, colour, and fruits, they can be invasive if you don’t control them. With that being said, regain space by cutting back your trees and hedges, and edging your flowerbeds.

#3 Add Dimension with Paving – It really is quite incredible what a bit of paving can do. Cost-effective and sustainable, paving plays a big role in the overall appeal of any outdoor space. Using cobblestone, crushed rocks, or square and round paving, either create a patterned paved pathway or pave your entire backyard. If you want to add a bit of colour and scent to your paving, plant lavender, lemon grass, or thyme in between the pavers. It will look stunning.

#4 Create a Vertical Garden Bed – Want to grow all your own vegetables and herbs but not sure where to put them? A stylish, space-efficient idea that is ideal for urban lifestyle living, attach planter boxes with hooks to your wall and start growing all your favourite edibles. An incredible way of maximising space, not only are vertical garden beds ever-changing, but they also look exquisite.

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