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Springtime Landscaping

September 25, 2019

Landscaping - Earthlinks LandscapingYour Springtime Landscaping Link with Mother Earth

It is official and has been so for about a third of September. Real, bone-chilling cold weather that damages new growth in gardens is surprisingly rare during September in Gauteng, despite its high average altitude of some 1 500 to 1 900 metres above sea level.

Besides the odd chilly snap, spring has sprung, and is well and truly with us in South Africa. Those tiny buds of new greenery on recently bare tree branches are fast becoming fully fledged leaves, soon to be providing welcome summer shade for ground dwellers and perfect perches for those who are not bound to terra firma.

New Bespoke Landscaping

This annual phenomenon in Gauteng’s Highveld region is a reliable sign of and precursor to the summertime growing seasons, so it is the ideal time for this province’s garden aficionados to contact EarthLinks Landscaping for a new, bespoke summer garden – from scratch or as an update.

After all, most people upgrade or revamp their home interiors periodically. Ideally, the same should apply to re-landscaping an existing garden, which may have become tired looking, old fashioned, or boring over time. Certain plants also pass their prime after some years, and may require replacement with a fresh, new specimen, which once again lends itself to a beautiful display.

Landscaping Services

At EarthLinks Landscaping, our bespoke services are not limited to, but include:

No matter how large or small your garden may be, enhance your every outdoor area, lifestyle, and property’s value by having EarthLinks Landscaping provide you with a unique, bespoke garden design that makes the most of each aspect of your garden, linking spring’s new beginnings to your enhanced, green lifestyle.