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The Perfect Landscaping Services

October 22, 2019

Choosing the Perfect Landscaping Services

Given the choice, who would you select to have your bespoke landscaping designed, planned, and planted? Would you prefer the services of a random amateur or freelance gardener to follow your own plan and instructions, a landscaper, or a landscaping architect for the task?

The Choice is Yours

First of all, you do have a choice. No one needs to give it to you either; the choice you make is totally at your discretion. Nonetheless, the question still stands, although the answer is pretty obvious, providing that you recognise the typical differences between the disciplines.

Amateur Gardener

Which option would you pick? An amateur gardener may be very talented and have picked up a lot of hands-on knowledge while working in various gardens, but is unlikely to have the training to design and plan a garden from scratch.


Most landscapers have completed formal horticulture-related studies and have a great knowledge of garden plants and how, when, and where they should ideally be planted. Next, consider the architect. Design is a foremost subject in the curricula of professional architects, who have a keen eye for line, form, function, and the interrelationship of these aspects with others that please and perform key roles in the execution of their plans.

The Architect

A successful architect is a master of design, the point of departure and vision for each creative project. Architects innovate and create, seldom, if ever, repeating a design and plan, but rather focussing on bespoke, one-of-a-kind projects. This is precisely what a landscaping architect, like Esli Kietzmann – the founder and owner of EarthLinks Landscaping – will do for you and your outdoor spaces.


Esli completed her formal studies and graduated as a landscape architect in 1998. Three years later, in 2001, she established her own company, EarthLinks Landscaping, a name which is associated with her commitment, passion for, and close link with the beauty that nature and the earth produces, and how plants and nature can be harnessed into bespoke garden landscaping.

Client Involvement

She and her team don’t work in isolation, preferring to involve the client. Esli assesses the needs and preferences of each client, taking all the relevant features of each property into account, before presenting a bespoke landscape design proposal to the client.

In order to enable the client to better visualise the plan, a two-dimensional drawing of the design concept, planting palettes, and layout will be provided. On occasion, this may be accompanied by one or more 3D sketches and/or full colour image/s.

Located in the Fourways area, EarthLinks provides landscaping and a multitude of allied services across a wide area in Gauteng. If the architectural garden design route is the one you choose, please contact us today.