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Transform Your Garden with our Landscaping Services

January 28, 2016

Transform Your Garden with our Landscaping Services and Reap the Many Benefits

Looking to transform your dull, lifeless garden? A space that can provide a useful and functional area that the entire family can enjoy together, and a space that can increase the value of a property by up to 20%, as well as enhance the image of any business – a well-designed outdoor space can transform the dullest of gardens into things of beauty. Everyone dreams of a beautiful thriving garden that’s filled with colourful ornamentals, productive trees, delicious edibles and a stylish entertainment area that family, friends and guests can enjoy; unfortunately, it’s not always easy to achieve, which is why landscaping services exist.

A Look at the Art and Science of Landscaping

While there are many benefits to having a beautifully polished and functional garden, it wouldn’t be possible without the expert assistance of professional landscapers. An art and science that involves creating and constructing a living outdoor environment that can thrive throughout each season of the year – landscaping demands stamina, patience, skill, expertise and a thorough understanding of nature, plants, soil, organic material, water, permaculture, biodynamics, and the building of outdoor structures. There are many landscapers who offer a diverse range of landscaping services and while some only build and install outdoor structures, there are others that only work with lawn, plants and trees. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or you’re simply looking to transform your outdoor space for a better quality of life – transform your garden with our expert landscaping services at EarthLinks Landscaping.

We Offer Full-Service Landscaping Services throughout Johannesburg

Transforming, creating, building and maintaining landscapes since 2001, we are a Johannesburg-based professional landscaping company who take great pride in offering full-service landscaping services to businesses, commercial developments, private homes and residential estates throughout the entire Johannesburg region. Recognising that each outdoor space is unique and exceptional, our dedicated team of horticulturalists, tree surgeons, plant doctors and trained gardeners give 100% to your outdoor space, to ensure that your vision is achieved to perfection. Listening to your landscaping needs and always staying within budget – our landscaping services include the following:


Whether you’re looking to transform your garden into an outdoor sanctuary, increase the value of your property or add value to your business brand – transform your garden with our landscaping services. To learn more about how we can add value to your family life, brand or property price – chat to us today.