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Water Features for Sale

March 6, 2015

Water Features for Sale can Increase Property Value

Advertisements offering water features for sale attract lots of attention from homeowners, irrespective of their gardens’ size. These design elements are available in so many styles, sizes and guises that one is spoiled for choice – they even extend to miniature versions for indoor use, some being so small that they can be housed on a table top.

Most reputable nurseries and landscapers have a variety of water features, pumps and accessories for sale. Pricing has become truly competitive; as with everything else, when demand and supply are great, costs become very effective and affordable.

Little else compares with the sound of gently tinkling or falling water outside in the garden or hearing bird song and seeing birds return time and again to drink or have a bath, only too happy to have a steady source of fresh water.

Water consumption is absolutely minimal since the same water circulates continuously and evaporation is so little that it’s of no consequence. Likewise, electricity usage is very low, especially in smaller installations which only require tiny, very affordable, yet durable pumps.

The simplest, ready-made DIY water features are easy to install, although care and precautions should be taken to protect the power source or plug point. Larger styles add an additional element to swimming pools, connected to and driven by the pool filter pump.

Landscape architects, such as our founder, are experts at customising unique and exclusive fountains or water features, the perfect way to establish this element as one of the chief focal points of the garden, no matter what its style.

An additional advantage of employing a landscape designer to conceptualise, plan and install a distinctive water feature involves getting the best setting and surroundings to enhance its attributes. Placing it in the best position, enfolded within vegetation that highlight and are suited to this purpose involves more than a little expertise and wide knowledge of plants.

The last thing a customer would want is having their water feature area overgrown, or vegetation that succumbs to frost and dies during winter, or surrounding shrubbery that loses its foliage and ends up blocking the pipes.

Another element to keep in mind is how one gets to the fountain; imagine merely walking in a straight line across the lawn, there you are and now what? Depending on its style, location and surroundings, a cobbled pathway, stepping stones or stone pathway will enhance the garden and the fountain’s characteristics.

Adding a bench or other form of seating is not only attractive, it’s practical and functional too. After all, making use of this spot to relax and find peace should also form an integral part of having this corner or section.

Particularly in the instance where the client decides to engage our landscaping company to design, plan and install their water feature and its surrounds, with or without doing the same for the rest of the garden, it should be recognised that all outdoor additions are investments in the property and its value.

It’s a well-known fact that the outdoor area creates the first impression of a property and that’s a lasting impression, one which contributes much to a successful sale at a good price. So, when wanting to acquire water features for sale, do take this into account; the longer term benefits are invaluable.