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Water Features

March 11, 2015

How to Select Water Features for a Home Garden

Water features make for excellent focal points in the garden, irrespective of the garden size. The type of water feature selected will greatly depend on the overall garden style and lay-out. Formal gardens often feature built-in ponds and fountains, whereas the cottage or country style gardens are characterised by unusual fountains such as wheelbarrows used for cascading water together with small fountains.

What is important is to not overdo it. You want to keep the garden design simplistic even though you make use of water features. Whether you prefer a symmetrical post-modern ball pond or a multi-layered sculpture type, you need to ensure that the style selected will fit in with the overall garden style.

If you have a wild, herb, organic, cottage or country style garden, it will be best to select an informal type of water feature that will not dominate the garden, but rather offer a tranquil setting in one of the hide-away areas. If you want to make such as part of focal points, remember to do away with any type of borders as you want to avoid the use of formal lines.


Considerations in the Planning of Water Features

Rock work and waterfalls are more formal and also better suited for large gardens. Keep in mind that the bigger the pond or waterfall the more water it will use as well as energy for pumping of water. In addition, keep maintenance in mind. If you don’t have a full time gardener then it is best to stick with smaller water features. You can make use of glazed balls, sculptures or pots as features, which will be cheaper than purposed built ponds or waterfalls.


Placement of the Feature

Positioning the feature is essential when it comes to practicality and of course, aesthetic appeal. The plants in the water will need a lot of sunshine. It is thus imperative to select a spot that receives enough sunlight for at least 5-7 hours a day. To minimise maintenance on the pond, don’t place it where leaves and seeds will fall into it. If you want to attract birds to the water feature select a more secluded area of the garden for placement.


Energy Usage

You will want to ensure easy refilling of the pond or waterfall as evaporation does take place. It is essential to consider the accessibility of an energy source and make sure you use the correct voltage. Rather get expert landscapers and electricians or plumbers to install the feature as you will want to ensure that the energy source and flow will be safe.


Plant selection

If you plan on using plants with the water feature it is essential to consider sunlight and oxygen. Water plants require many hours of sunlight. If you want the feature to be located in a shady area, enquire from a nursery which plants can be used as the types will be limited.

We can assist in the selection and installation of water features that will be economical, practical, and aesthetically appealing. Give us a call to help you make the most of your garden through amazing features and landscaping.