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What Landscaping Involves

November 17, 2015

Looking to Create and Enhance Your Outdoor Space? Find Out What Landscaping Involves!

Looking to create, enhance and even transform your dull, lifeless garden? Every homeowner dreams of an outdoor oasis that’s not only filled with colourful ornamentals, trees and edibles, but also a garden that boasts a beautifully cobbled ground with a stylish entertainment area that the entire family can enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s not easy achieving the above if you’re not skilled with the laws of nature, science and landscape design.

A Closer Look at the Art and Science of Landscaping

Everyone wants to enjoy their outdoor space and by creating a beautiful and functional landscape, you’re not only increasing the value of your property, but you’re also improving the quality of your family life. If you have a landscape that you’re struggling to transform or even control, then you will know just what a tough job landscaping can be. While most people are under the impression that landscaping is all about growing some grass, installing a water feature and planting some trees, rose bushes and a flower bed here and there, they couldn’t be more mistaken.

An art and science that involves creating and constructing a living, scenic and functional outdoor environment that can thrive and serve you well throughout each season – landscaping demands skill and expertise in building outdoor installations, in-depth knowledge and an understanding about nature, plants, soil, organic material, water, permaculture and biodynamics. But last but not least, landscaping also demands stamina and patience to keep it alive, functional and polished. Yes, landscaping is hard work and while there many interior renovations that can be tackled by do-it-yourselfers, this is one job that’s best left to the professionals.

Professional Landscapers Can Increase Your Property Value by 20%

While there are many benefits to having a beautifully polished and functional landscape, it wouldn’t be possible without the expert assistance of professional landscapers. In fact, studies have shown that professional landscapers can offer the best ROI of all home improvements. Not only can these experts make your property more sellable, but they can also increase your overall home value by up to 20%!

There are many landscapers who offer a diverse range of landscaping services. While some only build and install outdoor structures, others only work with plants, lawns and trees. At EarthLinks Landscaping, we do it all and can provide you with a full range of landscaping services that include the following:


At EarthLinks Landscaping, we provide expert affordable landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Boasting an exceptional portfolio and a skilled team that can assist you with the design, execution and on-going maintenance of your landscape – don’t delay, call us today for evaluation and quote.