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Winter Garden Prep

April 30, 2021

Started Your Winter Garden Prep Yet? Here’s What to Do.

There’s no denying it: our gardens have the potential to provide us with endless amounts of peace and pleasure. But, to get the best out of your outdoor space requires some commitment – all year round. If you haven’t started your winter garden prep yet, here are some useful reminders of where to start. Alternatively, you can rely on us, Earthlinks Landscaping, to ensure your property is always looking picture perfect, no matter the season.

All gardens are different, and if we wanted to create a comprehensive winter garden prep list, we could fill a book. For now, we’ve collected a shortlist of the most common and impactful tasks to consider when planning a winter garden prep. It should provide you with a good place to start.


What to consider for your winter garden prep to-do list:


Whether it’s your hedges, trees, or summer flowers, now is the time to do all necessary cutting and pruning.


Gather all plant debris and either use it for composting or get rid of it. Decaying debris left unattended can be a breeding ground for plant pests and disease.


This includes weeding your lawn and fertilising it for best results come spring.


Remove weeds from patios, paved walkways and driveways and other hard surface areas.


This is the time to plant bulbs if you want them to flower in spring.


Want to install a new patio, revamp an existing one, or pave a pathway? Start planning right now.

This short list of winter garden prep activities already represents an extensive amount of work. If you don’t have the time or inclination to tackle this mammoth task yourself, you can always rely on the garden care specialists – Earthlinks Landscaping – to take care of it for you.


Our garden services include:


Get your winter garden prep sorted right away. Get in touch with Earthlinks Landscaping – we have a team of qualified Horticulturists, Tree Surgeons, Plant Doctors and Trained Gardeners standing ready .